Camping season

It’s that time of year!

Yup. It’s camping season, kids! It’s the most wonderful timeeeeeeeee of the yearrrrrrrrrr!

Thankfully, Mr. KKM loves to camp just as much as I do.

What I love most about Florida are all of the amazingly beautiful camping spots that are sprinkled throughout the state. From the Florida Keys to Tallahassee, you’ll find hidden gems all over. I absolutely adore Florida Caverns State Park up in the panhandle, Manatee Springs near the nature coast, Johnathan Dickinson State Park in Jupiter, and Bahia Honda State Park in the lower Florida Keys. But if I had to narrow it down to my favorite, it would have to be Tillis Hills Recreational Area in Inverness.

Tillis Hills is nestled snugly in the middle of the 157,479-acre Withlacoochee State Forest in west central Florida.

With hiking trails, limestone caves, muddy rough terrain roads, no light pollution and scattered ponds, the forest is a dense, wild-life packed part of Florida that I love spending time in.

There are actually three campgrounds in the forest, but Tillis Hill is the most picturesque.

Writing this post floods my mind and heart with so many memories. We are a family that definitely camps together. Cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, even grandparents will all get their campers and tents lined up along the campsite and enjoy weekends upon weekends together in the great outdoors.

My mom loved camping. Her camper was her world. She loved to be out there by the campfire, cooking up bacon on the outdoor kitchen, geocaching through hiking trails, and deer shining by the moonlight.

It’s hard to go back to Tillis Hill, knowing my mother isn’t physically there with us anymore. However, I know Mr. KKM and I have a lot of fun times and memories ahead of us. 🙂

Do you camp? What’s your favorite campground?

7 thoughts on “Camping season

  1. Tears sting my eyes, a smile crosses my lips…as I read this post. Such wonderful memories I will cherish for a lifetime. I will deeply miss these times and yet I am hopeful that we will make new memories in honor of our loved ones. I loved our camping trips, chilling around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, riding 30 minutes to Wal Mart with Judy, eating Judy’s wonderful meals…my heart longs to be sitting around that campfire with Judy now. Sigh…. Love this post!!

  2. yea! geocache! we do that, too!!! and we got my mom and dad to do some. they live in Stuart…
    we love camping. not sure how i would do with the whole family there, though…
    thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. We will take our 4th annual Xmas camping trip this year to O’Leno SP in High Springs. It is our fave trip of the year. We arrive at the park and we don’t leave until it’s time to go home. It really is an awesome time.

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