1 year

We said “I do” exactly 1 year ago today!

What a beautiful year it has been. 365 days of adventure, travel, giving back, quiet moments at home, markets, projects, growth, friendship, fun times, challenges to overcome together, and so much love- more love than we could have ever imagined. 

People say marriage is hard work. But after waiting so long to find one another, after loss (we have both lost a parent), after previous heartaches, there is just no time for anything less than joy. 

Everybody should feel like that. Everybody should feel deep, authentic, joy in their hearts from a partnership. Everybody deserves to love that fully. 
I thank my lucky stars every day that we found each other. And I’m even more thankful for the experiences we had to go through before getting here. Without them, our paths might have never crossed. 

When you share more than just a marriage certificate- when you share a friendship, when you deeply honor and respect one another, when your love is true and unconditional, when you lift one another to achieve great things, when you release anger and baggage from the past, when there is kindness and forgiveness, you’ll find that problems are short-lived, troubles come and go like waves in the ocean, and good times are abundant and overflowing. 

And to us, that is what marriage is all about. 

It was so fun looking back at pictures taken during our first year as husband and wife. We have made the best memories not only in and around our home here in Tampa, but also in the places we have visited this year- Chicago, New York City, Boston, the beach, and the mountains of north Georgia!

And we cannot wait to discover what’s next. 

Cheers to a lifetime of more sweet moments of love and joy!